Welcome to dulcedesigns.net! This site hasn't been updated in quite a long time, and I will be doing so soon.

My name is Michelle and I'm currently a psychotherapist at Choosing Joy! in Orem, Utah. I also teach psychology courses online for the University of Phoenix. In my previous career I was a web designer/graphic designer, and still do work in this field on the side. To view some of the work I have done, please click on the Portfolio link above. Please note that the portfolio page hasn't been updated in about 4 years.

About me

I consider myself to be a very well-rounded, multi-talented person with a diversity of interests, ranging from ballroom dancing to technology.. I am a creative individual and pride myself in my work. I am honest, hard-working, decisive, educated and devoted. I learn rapdily. I have strong beliefs and I live by a strict personal code from which I never waiver. I love to work with people, despite some timidity, and I enjoy being creative. I lived in Spain for two years and speak Spanish fluently. I have also studied French and Italian.  I have been told that I'm a natural-born leader, and have much experience in leading, teaching, helping, and creating.